Sunrise after haying on Moore's Hill
Barn and field to west on Moore's Hill
It started in 1832
Truman Moore acquired the property on July 13, 1832, and the surrounding area soon became known as Moore’s Hill. He constructed the barn which still stands today, and the original farmhouse. The Sunflower room is upstairs in this original section. Completely renovated recently to add a bath and dormers with dramatic views, the Sunflower room still retains evidence of its history, including the original wide planked flooring. 

Truman owned the property with his wife Betsey (and after her death with his second wife, Clarissa). He had only one child, Truman Jr.

Briefly owned by one of the colleges
After Truman’s death, Clarissa sold the farm house, barn, and surrounding 55 acres in 1889. It had several owners in the following ten years, including very briefly St. Lawrence University, perhaps as the result of a bequest. 

The 1900’s
Three different farmers owned Moore’s Hill for most of the following century. Clarence Grant and the Grant family operated the farm from 1900 to 1939, and put an addition on the front of the house which includes the parlor, dining room, wrap-around porch, and the Rose Room upstairs. The LaClair family operated the farm from 1939 to 1974, 

In 1976, Earl and Beatrice Planty purchased the farm. They had worked a larger farm on the Sykes Road in Canton, and when they got a bit older down-sized to this smaller farm, with fewer than 20 cows. They kept the dairy herd until health problems forced them to retire.

Recent renovations
Cliff and Janice Westerling acquired the farm in 2007, with a goal of preserving the property. We have added an addition on the south end of the house, and completely renovated all the original areas of the home.

History of the Farm on Moore's Hill